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June 7, 2020
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Remember the Scooter?

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The Razor A scooter ... What does that expression conjure up in your mind? If you have kids, I'm sure that you're already aware of the Razor A scooter series, but they weren't around when we were children. However, the concept was, although I forget the marques from my childhood.

I adored my two-wheeled, kick-powered scooter when I was young. Mum and Dad had their automobile, my older siblings had their bikes and I had my scooter. It didn't go fast, but then, I didn't go far either, but it was transport and it gave a feeling of freedom. I had my wheels and I was mobile!

Well, the modern equivalent of that scooter is the Razor A scooter series. And they really are modern too! They are a long chalk from the simple scooters of yesteryear. The Razor A scooter series was brought out in the year 2000 and is sturdy, strong, collapsible and safe.

The Razor A scooter series comes in several guises to suit various age groups, abilities and pockets. For example, the Razor A scooter is meant for children of six years and older, while the Razor A2 scooter, the Razor A3 scooter and the Razor Pro scooter are intended for older, heavier, more demanding and more skilful riders. With prices starting at about $25 none of them is over-priced.

The Razor A scooter series is made from aircraft-grade light aluminium and weighs in at just six pounds. That's light enough for any young child to be able to carry, if required, without risk of strain. It is also collapsible, which means that it is easy to carry under your arm, in the boot of your car or on the bus. Storage is a cinch too.

The Razor A scooter series is height-adjustable too in that the handlebars can be elevated as your child grows up or if an older sibling wants a go. It also has a heavy-duty braking system, which is obviously very important as these scooters will easily reach speeds of five or six mph on the flat and much more on an incline. Going down, that is.

The Razor A scooter series also has lesser and greater stable mates. The Razor Kiddie Kick is intended for children younger than six and has a third wheel for greater stability, although it is just as robust and long-lasting as the Razor A scooter series. The Razor A scooter series is intended for 'young-minded' people from the age of six. I use the words 'young-minded' because it is quite the rage now, to put one in the car and scooter the last mile or two into work or college. That mile or two every day will save you fuel and give you extra exercise over a long period of time. After all, it all adds up, doesn't it?

Furthermore, for those who require a bit more power, there are the Razor E100(S), Razor E200(S) and the Razor E300(S), which are electrically driven scooters. The (S) denotes that they have a seat fitted.

So, why not introduce your child to the idea of mobility with a Razor A scooter? Give your child the opportunity to look back on his or her youth in 20-30 years time and remember rushing about at three-five mph on a Razor A scooter.


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