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July 13, 2020
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Review: InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

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The InStep Take 2 trailer is aimed at adults who want to bring their young kids along for bike rides. It offers an alternative to detachable toddler seats that allows two children to be carried at once instead of only one, and is suitable for use in varied weather conditions. At a comparatively low price, the InStep seems like an attractive offer, so lets take a closer look.Features Of The InStep Take 2 Trailer* High quality steel-framed trailer,* Can accommodate 2 children,* Attaches to most bicycles,* Folds up for storage,* Canopy serves as a weather shield or bug screen,* 1-year warranty.Is The InStep Take 2 Trailer Worth Buying?The InStep Take 2 Trailer is designed for use on a variety of surfaces, with large rubber tires that can take a good deal of wear and tear. The frame is also durably built, which means that it should last you a while, and is both sturdy during rides and lightweight a great combination which all trailers like this aim for. While some bike trailers can be a bit fiddly to attach, this trailer fits easily to most types of bike thanks to its versatile design. If youre using an older bike, you might find loosening some of the nuts takes some muscle, but aside from that the process is very simple. The instructions that come with the trailer are also very good, helping to make the process even easier.A common alternative to bike trailers are the small detachable plastic seats for young kids which can be fitted behind the cyclists seat. Although these are good, they are only suitable for a single child. Trailers allow you to take 2 children with you at once. Some parents may also find that using detachable seats is a concern with more active children. A trailer helps to keep active kids under a little more control.Another great feature of this trailer is that it folds up for storage. The wheels can be taken off and the frame collapsed down, making it easy to stash away in a cupboard or elsewhere out of sight. If you live in a home without much space, this can be a real help.There are a few negatives to mention about the InStep Take 2 trailer. Firstly, the plastic screen that keeps out the weather doesnt seem all that sturdy. This means that it may not remain weatherproof for all that long, although its impossible to say without extensive testing.The plastic screen also doesnt contain any vents, which means that on longer journeys it can get pretty hot inside the trailer. Kids might get uncomfortable after a while and complain about this.Another small issue is that this trailer is quite wide. This means that if you want to take it on narrow sidewalks or in other confined spaces it may be a bit difficult. However, for general use this probably wont prove an issue.Perhaps the biggest issue is that the trailer isnt going to be suitable for 2 kids over around the age of 3 as theyll probably a bit too big to fit inside together. However, if the kids are younger, or arent all that big, you shouldnt have a problem with this.On the plus side, the trailer can be adjusted to seat a single child in the center rather than on one side. This is a nice touch, and means that the trailer doesnt become unbalanced when not occupied by two children. There's also space behind the seat for extra storage a great feature. The base of the seats can also be adjusted so that they sag or sit almost flat. Another nice touch is that the InStep Take 2 comes with an orange flag for increased safety.Overall then, the InStep is a great product. With only a few small issues and a great price point its hard to go wrong with this trailer.


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