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October 4, 2020
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Top 5 Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

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Life is full of daily activities that keep you running from one point to the next. However, carving out time for some of the activities that get the blood pumping and the heart racing is a little bit harder to do. Finding time to be active as a family is important, not only for your health but for your relationships as well. Here are a few outside activities you can do to keep your family active. Picnic at the park Pack a healthy lunch and hit up one of the local parks for the afternoon. There is no better way to get your family up and moving. This is a great way to bond and have a conversation that doesnt consist of text messages and emails. Once you finish eating, the rest of the time can consist hitting the ball around, playing at the playground, or simply chasing your kids around for a game of tag. Either way the whole family gets some exercise and some time to connect with each other. Take a bike ride This is such a great way to experience the outdoors with the whole family. Safe biking paths can be found all over to make it easier and the fresh air will do everyone a world of good. Many of the biking paths will go right past a park or playground so you will be able to get some extra playtime in. Biking is a great way to get your boost your energy levels and give your legs a workout. Roller skating Break out the roller skates or rollerblades and hit the pavement for a breath of fresh air and some exercise that will get all the muscle groups working. Roller-skating is especially good for your heart and is considered one of the best cardio workouts you can do. Find a bike path or just skate around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery. The kids will love it and its a great way to be silly and get some laughs out of everyone. Gardening This is a fantastic way to get outdoors and get the whole family involved and working together. The entire process from deciding what you will plant, to picking the seeds, to digging up some dirt will engage everyone and get them excited about the possibilities. Not only is it terrific exercise, but its also a great way to teach children about patience and attention to detail. It will be especially fun to keep track of the progress and see the end result. Walking Taking a walk around the neighborhood is a super effective cardio workout and a way to catch up and chat with members of your family. Choose a different path each time in order to give everyone some variety. Step it up a level and wear ankle or wrist weights while you walk to give yourself an added boost. Walking is a leisurely activity that can also push your limits if you choose to do so. The family time together during your walk is just an added benefit to getting in shape. Its often said that people give up on their fitness goals because they get bored or burnt out on the activities that they are doing. Its so important to incorporate a variety of ways to workout so you keep going, and have fun at the same time. Each member of the family should have a say in what activities are chosen to keep it fair. Given the large amount of outdoor activities a family has to choose from, it will be a surefire way for everyone to stay active.


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