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September 2, 2020
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Digital Cameras For Kids

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Do you have a budding shutterbug? There are some great options for kids digital cameras. They range in price depending on how good you want the pictures to be. Many come in your child's favorite character.

Today kids are becoming fascinated with technology at much younger ages. Even toddlers and preschoolers want a digital camera of their own. Parents may wonder which is the best option for their child or if there is a preschool model that is rugged enough to take the abuse that young children often dish out. There are some great products out there that have great reviews. Here is a look at some of the most popular kids digital cameras.

Go Diego Go Digital Camera

Now kids can go exploring themselves with their very own Go Diego Go camera. It is targeted towards kids 6 years and up and has great sound effects and bilingual phrases. It also has photo editing software so kids can play with their pictures. It has a 1.4" color LCD and a built in auto flash. It has a light that lets you know when the battery is low and an auto switch off after one minute. The reviews on this camera are middle of the road. It generally got three out of five stars. The price runs around $40.

Bratz Plugged In Digital Camera

This kids digital camera has very good reviews since it gets four out of five stars. It has 3.0 megapixels which is higher than most kids models. It also has a CD Rom with software and a USB cable to transfer images to your computer. It has an SD card slot and also a webcam mode. It has 3 flash settings and a 10 second self timer. The Bratz Plugged In also has a 1.1" color LCD. It take both still shots and videos. This is a great one for those kids who are more advanced or want more features. It runs about $70.

Disney Pix Micro Digital Camera Featuring Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is one of the most beloved kids kids shows on right now. Millions of little girls would love to have a Hannah Montana camera. This one has three out of five stars based on user reviews. It has a 1.1" color LCD display. It holds up to 40 pictures and runs on only 1 AAA battery. It also comes with great software that Hannah Montana fans will love. This kids camera is only $20.

Fisher Price Digital Camera

The Fisher Price Digital Camera is made specifically for preschoolers and kids up to about age 7. It has large handles that are rubber for easy gripping. The tough design makes it hard to break and if kids drop it, it is no big deal. It has a 1.6 color LCD screen so that kids can see the pictures they have taken right away. It has 1.3 megapixels and 8MB of internal memory, enough for about 60 pictures. It also has a slot for an SD card. You can connect it to the computer with the USB cord so that they can share their pictures online. It has an auto flash feature and a wrist band. It also comes in either pink or blue. The reviews on this product are excellent. It runs about $55.

Vtech Kidizoom Camera

This is a great preschool digital camera and the reviews support it. Parents rave that their kids love this camera. It has a connector cable that lets kids use it with the TV or the computer. It also has fun games and movies on it that kids love. It also has a neat editing feature that lets kids do wacky and fun things to their pictures. It has large handles for easy gripping, and a double viewer and LCD screen to make taking pictures a snap. It is a great preschool digital camera that, even though it is new, has already won several awards. The cost for this top rated camera is between $55 and $60.

Both the Vtech and the Fisher Price made to be durable, and both claim to be virtually indestructible. Either one of these cameras would be a great choice for a preschooler who loves to take pictures.


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