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September 25, 2020
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Do Children Need Tutors in Kindergarten?

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Many tutoring services advertise that they will tutor a child from Kindergarten to College. Your first response may be, does my child need tutoring, and he is only in Kindergarten. Not all children need help at this age, but it is when a child goes to school does a parent and child find out that a child may need help with simple math or even reading. All children learn at a different level. When a child goes off to Kindergarten it may be that they are not up to where they should be.

There is nothing wrong with your child getting some extra tutoring. Parent tutoring at this point may not be enough because we don't know at exactly what level the child should be at. At home tutors help for math because at a kindergarten level, adding and subtracting are the main math focuses. So teaching them the concept so fading and subtraction at home is just fine.

Some strategies when it comes to tutoring Kindergarten and Pre School kids will include reading aloud, this will help your child with their listening skills. Talking with child and writing with children. Your child should have a basic idea of how to write; at school they will teach your child the alphabet. But with tutoring, your child can get some extra insight as to the alphabet and what words start with that letter and how to write the words.

Most parents don't recognize that their child may need a little extra help when it comes to basic school functions. In fact, every child should be tutored at this age. What happens is that when a child gets lost from day one, they sometimes never recover and it really could put a strain on their entire academic career.

A lot of it has to do with how well a child will adjust to school, in the first place. If a child can adapt well to their new surroundings then they should have very little trouble, but for kids who don't, they may become scared and withdrawn and they will not want to learn anything. Most schools offer quarterly parent-teacher meetings and this is where the parents get an idea of how their child is doing. The teacher at these meetings may recommend some tutoring in some areas. These may be area where you as a parent can help with.

Try not to discount the fact that your child may need help in Kindergarten, there are some parents who blow it off, as it is only Kindergarten. But remember that Kindergarten is the first step in the road to High School Graduate.


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