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23 May 20
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Remember a Bygone Era with some Nostalgic Candy
Looking for a way to help you remember when times were simpler? Back in the old days, before there were cell phones and text messages, emails and voicemails - back when if you wanted to contact someone you had to send a letter, snail mail, back when people sent telegrams instead of calling?No one can deny that life used to be smaller, easier. Even candy was simpler.
07 Jun 20
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Remember the Scooter?
The Razor A scooter ... What does that expression conjure up in your mind? If you have kids, I'm sure that you're already aware of the Razor A scooter series, but they weren't around when we were children. However, the concept was, although I forget the marques from my childhood.I adored my two-wheeled, kick-powered scooter when I was young.
13 Jul 20
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Review: InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer
The InStep Take 2 trailer is aimed at adults who want to bring their young kids along for bike rides. It offers an alternative to detachable toddler seats that allows two children to be carried at once instead of only one, and is suitable for use in varied weather conditions. At a comparatively low price, the InStep seems like an attractive offer, so lets take a closer look.
28 Jul 20
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Review: LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone
As any parent will tell you, young children are absolutely fascinated by phones. Home or mobile phones; its all the same for young inquisitive children. This natural attraction is the reason why a toy phone for child makes so much sense. The LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone is an interactive toy phone that will engage and enthrall your child for hours.
16 Aug 20
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Three Ways to Help Your Kids Pick Up Their Stuff
If you have kids, then you know that your house can get cluttered faster than you would like. Toys, games, clothes, shoes, roller skates - you name it, their stuff is everywhere! These items can be found in the hallways, dining room, under the dining table, and nearly anywhere but where they should be.
30 Aug 20
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Tips and Ideas for Making Bead Christmas Ornaments
Have you always wanted to create your own beaded ornaments but have little experience with bead work? Provided in this article are some simple tips that will help you create stunning and beautiful hand made beaded Christmas ornaments that will make your home more festive this holiday season.If you have never made bead Christmas ornaments, you will first need to select either a pattern or a kit.
21 Sep 20
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Tips on Choosing Children's Games
Summer is the perfect time for playing, both indoors and outdoors. It is the time when kids love to play with their friends, relatives and colleagues. It is when they go to parks, recreation centers or even in your backyard to play with different types of outdoor games. According to the United Nations High Commission for Human rights, playing games is vital to the optimum child development.
04 Oct 20
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Top 5 Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities
Life is full of daily activities that keep you running from one point to the next. However, carving out time for some of the activities that get the blood pumping and the heart racing is a little bit harder to do. Finding time to be active as a family is important, not only for your health but for your relationships as well.
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